Are you ready to lead

complex change? 

The transition from being a doer to being a leader is challenging for everyone and by making this change decision you face unique obstacles…

Many people struggle to find their authentic leadership style, a style that increases their impact instead of catching them in an inauthentic double bind.  Despite these challenges, there is a naturalness to being a leader that often develops the most innovative strategies for building strong and productive business cultures.
One way or another we all find our place in society through our daily activity and work. It’s natural to look to our work as achieving success, you can be highly visible or private.  We value ourselves based on what we do.  Our work is tied to a feeling of self-worth (this is why depression and addiction rise steeply when someone is unemployed for an extended period of time).  We all know that we have worth in who we are regardless of our contribution to the global economy. 


Sometimes it is difficult to see our true worth, our true potential. Despite the ups and downs of the workplace the effect that can have on our self-esteem, external rewards, and marks of success inflate the ego, and bolster our self-image, but don’t bring unshakable self-worth.  Failure and loss are always on the horizon.  Unshakable self-worth feels impossible to achieve because it takes time to unfold.


Leading Change

Are you prepared to lead in tomorrow’s workplace? 

We have seen modest changes in corporate culture, but we still face barriers to advancing our careers.  My custom mentorship services provide a confidential environment where new and evolving leaders overcome persistent obstacles that can slow and potentially derail their leadership advancement.

Increased confidence is a by-product of my mentoring program because my services are customized to the mentee’s needs.  I consider both personal and corporate values that are necessary for leadership success. Together we find the alignment needed to navigate through the many challenges and hurdles that occur in moving into leadership positions. 

You need a champion, someone who has your back and can be a sounding board at different phases of your career.  You need an objective, unbiased partner who’s traveled the path and understands the preparation, planning, and energy it takes to implement the personal changes that will move you into a greater leadership role.  

Give me a call. You don’t need to walk this path alone.

There’s no time like the present.

Are you ready for change?