My clients are progressive visionaries working to create sustainable company-wide change in how work gets done.

They know their operations; the systems and processes must be aligned, re-wired, and re-connected. They understand this change does not happen without engaging the people.  It is the combination, the balance between systems, processes and people that transitions the company from where it is today to where it needs to be tomorrow.

I am grateful for my client partnerships that have evolved over the years — working together to create better workplace environments — working together to support work that makes a difference.


“Jayne Heggen worked directly with me on a significant business operations analysis–a 3-month project that helped re-cast our organization.”

Kristi VandenBosch, Global Chief Digital Officer MXM

“Jayne Heggen’s expertise was invaluable in evaluating and organizing best practices on implementing a digital/advertising operating model…”

Andrea Alfano, Chief Operations Officer, H&L Partners

“Jayne Heggen’s insight and know-how enable her to understand and solve business problems quickly and efficiently.”

Chris Shumaker, Global Chief Marketing Officer FCB Global

“Jayne Heggen has a unique talent for focusing on the essential details and articulating their relevance to a given dynamic with clear examples.”

— Michael Merryman, Partner Durable Connect

Each of my clients is uniquely different…

Each change success is uniquely different…








Complex System-wide Operational Change

In-House Agency Process & Systems Alignment

Agency Client OnBoarding & Turnaround

Case Studies

Client: FCB Global Clorox Onboarding

Smooth integration of new accounts can be eased through development and diligent use of a process that focuses on preparation of an incumbent agency transferring a client to a new delivery partner. The objective is to build and implement an operations transition process that effects the transfer of operations without loss of business momentum. We investigated the communication and operating structures of the client for a deep understanding to guide the switch from the incumbent’s working model to the new agency’s working model without a hitch

Client: H&L Partners Distributed Network

This advertising agency used us for four main projects over a 3-year period. Working with the Chief Operating Officer and team leaders, we reorganized and realigned the company’s structure, capabilities, and functions. We also assisted with the establishment and opening of a new office and integration of new clients. • Organizational realignment involved creation of an HL-centric digital internal marketing operating model with supporting processes, templates, and tools to track metrics for profitability and revenue requirements across a broad range of client prerequisites. • Refinement of the transition process for bringing on new clients encompasses evaluation of incumbent and agency project management processes and integration of office processes for efficient collaboration among multiple teams on shared projects. • Financial compliance required a thorough analysis of financial processes and resource management which led to building a new process structure to comply with financial guidelines and GAAP standards. • Evaluation of project management systems resulted in standardized tracking, monitoring, and reporting processes and redefinition of roles and functional responsibilities to optimize staff productivity and maximize profitability.

Client: Swirl Microsoft Retail Onboarding

When a small advertising agency lands an A-list retail client, there’s an immediate need for scalable and robust alignment of campaign processes. We designed an operating framework that streamlined the transfer of campaign development and brand navigation from one agency to another. The new framework incorporated best practices, campaign transparency, early warning communication, and fact-based reporting necessary for critical, pro-active executive business decisions. The framework also provided a blueprint for coordination and collaboration among the marketing department, lead agency, and vendor partners. It supports deliverables in media, eCRM, collateral, etc. to ensure strategic brand and seasonal campaign alignment.

Client: Logitech Account Turnaround

A 90-day transition roadmap and resolution action plan launched a concerted and intense effort to address issues related to client services and communication issues that contributed to client dissatisfaction with the agency’s performance. We evaluated the agency’s approach to digital marketing and their management process and recommended modification of internal reporting structures, definition of product owner roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities, revision of the program/project briefing process, revision of the agency’s processes for review and approval, feedback, and product line planning and management. The project also included evaluation of the agency’s ROI. We also evaluated the agency’s digital capabilities across multiple offices and its campaign management process, which resulted in recommendations for realignment to integrate with their clients’ processes. Realignment suggestions involved staffing, client interaction, department integration with responsibilities and accountabilities, briefing and feedback processes, integration of workstreams and financial management processes, and evaluation of client ROI. The success of this project led to two more projects: agency restructuring across offices and building of a global account management structure

Client: EBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions Client Portfolio Realignment

We with the project lead to build a portfolio management process and a dashboard for analyzing and reporting performance metrics to support nearly 400 clients and their retail campaigns. The management dashboard connected marketing campaign clients with engineering platform clients to report: • The average duration of projects, with trend results and forecasts • Potential issues with key clients to activate preemptive escalation • Project workload by client account to track and analyze use of resources • Return on investment compared to other client contracts and revenue goals • Return on investment related to client billable invoices. The resulting framework defined key tracking and monitoring benchmarks, worked across multiple engineering/IT/PMO team to collect client and campaign data, and consolidated that date into readily understood dashboards to assist management in making decisions

Client: United Airlines and MileagePlus Brand Uncoupling

United Airlines sought to realign their merged frequent flyer programs into a standalone marketing department among its marketing department, United Media, internal clients, and external clients partners and partner agencies. Further complicating the effort was UA’s directive to establish the frequent flyer program as a brand separate from and independent of the airline’s brand. The project involved setting up an interim portfolio management process to integrate and oversee multi-channel campaign management within the marketing department. We designed and implemented a new brand navigation process across internal and external clients and a custom multi-channel campaign development process that integrated partner agency transitions. The integration effort required collaboration with IT to create custom-designed software solutions that worked with existing software to track ongoing campaigns and report results from finished campaigns. We also defined the new project role of portfolio manager/senior strategist and managed the new process until the position was hired and trained.

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