I am committed to helping organizations create sustainable change by re-wiring the underlying operating systems and processes that often stall efforts for profitable, ethical inclusive growth. Regardless of any differences, whether race, gender, ethnicity, age, or condition, everyone is essential.

About Business Operations & Transition Consulting

 Why do I use the word transition? Wouldn’t it be better to say transformation?


Over many years of working in change environments, I’ve found that people and organizations often use these two words interchangeably, not fully understanding the difference. This misunderstanding causes communication confusion and is often detrimental when it comes to successfully implementing complex company-wide strategic change initiatives.


I define transformation as a change outcome. When people speak of transformation, they are talking about the change strategy. They rarely mention the process needed to reach this marked strategic change. The underlying assumption is that somehow, even magically, saying the word transformation will transform the organization.


I define transition as the process of creating change, a way to move from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. Throughout this process, communicating what steps must be taken, identifying those who have something to lose and those who do not. Because to create sustainable change, you must be able to answer this simple question for all those making daily change “What do we do on Monday?”


To answer this question, you need a transition plan, a roadmap that recognizes all operational variables, and communications required to help teams navigate the change unknowns of tomorrow.



  Business Operations & Transition Consulting •  DEI Operations •  Culture Connector  • Speaker  •  Panel Participate

Core Values

Core Values shape every action taken in working in partnership with all clients.

 Fact-Based Approach

Research and evaluation are cornerstones of our work. You receive a uniquely comprehensive picture of the current and future state of your operations before implementing complex strategic change initiatives.

 Authentic Partnering

For change to be meaningful and sustainable, it must be holistic in approach.  Ensuring your company values and cultural behaviors are maintained throughout the assessment and transition process.

Integrity in All Actions

Meeting clients where they are and respecting the work that has gone into building their brand.  We work together with integrity, honestly approaching complex change with a flexible and responsive mentality.


My promise is to partner with my clients to transform the way they work.  Looking for ways to radically simplify what must be done to begin operating for a better future.  Responding to the highest priorities of our diverse and inclusive cultures.

My Mission

Equitable Business Change

We can’t make a difference in the world if don’t reflect the world in our businesses. My mission is help businesses create this reflection  by transitioning to more equitable, resilient, and inclusive places of work.  

Ready to move from today into tomorrow?